Writing Memories Society

We have gathered twenty incredible memoirs, each unique in its own way. Our interviewees have come from all different places and paths of life, and their stories represent what is important to them—their families, friendships, religion, career, or travels. Whether you want to indulge in adventures set in far away places, to know what it was like to live through a war, or to read about a great romance—weve got it all!

Intelligence, Good Humour, And Just Nice Sterling Character

The Memoir of Marguerite and Joanna

Interviewed and Written by Helena Almeida

A Sabbath Kind of Love

The Memoir of Roger Seelig

Interviewed and Written by Elina May Wildwood

The Many Voyages of Catherine Penny

The Memoir of Catherine Penny

Interviewed and Written by Kasper Dupuis Richter

A Life of Letters and Love

The Memoir of Sarah* 

Interviewed and Written by A. K. Shakour

The Road of a Feminist

The Memoir of Nichola

Interviewed and Written by Makenzie Pratt

A Journey

The Memoir of Sara Ciacci

Interviewed and Written by Lea May Anderson

Twirling Steps

The Memoir of Rusty

Interviewed and 

Written by Amelia Newsome

Travelling and Turbulence

The Memoir of Jony MacDougall 

Interviewed and 

Written by Margret Rand

And Many Other Stories...

Upon Novel Worlds

The Memoir of Rose 

Interviewed by John Connell and 

Written by Yann Kong 



From Coast to Coast: More Than One Nation

The Memoir of Betty

Interviewed by Henry Anderson and 

Written by Margret Rand


A Life With Flying Colours

The Memoir of Allan Thomas Munro

Interviewed and Written by Nabila Basri


"Maharishi Tenisci": Various Vignettes of His Life

The Memoir of Leonard Tenisci

Interviewed and Written by Dan A. Miller



Discovering Dimensions

The Memoir of Bella

Interviewed and Written by Emma Kwok




The Magic of Family and Travelling

The Memoir of Susan

Interviewed and Written by Makenzie Pratt 


The House of Generations

The Memoir of Audrey and Kevin 

Interviewed and Written by Margret Rand 


Artist in Residence

The Memoir of Carl

Interviewed and Written by Nabila Basri


The Surprises of Possibility

The Memoir of Brenda* 

Interviewed by Henry Anderson and

Written by Minori Kato-Hopkins


Mary Is: Many Facets of a Story

The Memoir of Mary 

Interviewed and Written by Maya Brassard


Well-Treaded Maps

The Memoir of Grainne

Interviewed by Isabel Adrianna Salas and

Written by Helena Almeida 


In the Midst of the Saskatchewan Fields

The Memoir of Fanny

Interviewed and Written by Margret Rand