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Newsletter Archive

In the newsletters, we give a preview of the memoirs. This includes a short summary and a reflection, written by our editors, as well as an excerpt from the narrative. 

September 2021

September Newsletter – Leonard Tenisci’s Memoir by Dan A. Miller

August 2021

August Newsletter – Sara’s Memoir by Lea Anderson

July 2021

July Newsletter – Marguerite and Joanna’s Memoir by Helena Almeida

June 2021

June Newsletter – Bella’s Memoir by Emma Kwok

May 2021

May Newsletter – Betty’s Memoir by Margret Rand

April 2021

April Newsletter – Allan Thomas Munro’s Memoir by Nabila Basri

March 2021

March Newsletter – Rose’s Memoir by Yann Kong

February 2021

February Newsletter – Sarah’s Memoir by A.K. Shakour

January 2021

January Newsletter – Roger Seelig’s Memoir by Elina May Wildwood

December 2020

December Newsletter – Rusty’s Memoir by Amelia Newsome